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Eriond is the youngest of the eight sons of UL and the universe in the world of the Belgariad/Mallorean. Eight, because when an accident blew up a star early in the universes life, where such a star’s death was not intended, the Purpose of the universe split. In its place there were now two, that of Light and that of Dark. The eldest was Aldur; as a result of the accident, one of the seven sons who came into being was Torak, later (if not immediately?) the Child of Dark; the youngest was Belar. The other four—Issa, Mara, Chaldan, and Nedra came in some unknown order. After a lot of zany hijinx and about five thousand years of constant struggle between Torak and his brothers—primarily Aldur and Belar—at last the penultimate Child of Light, Belgarion of Riva, killed Torak with the Sword of the Rivan King. However, the pommel of the sword was the Orb of Aldur, the nearly omnipotent stone with with Torak had once cracked the world; only Belgarion could touch it… people thought. One of Torak’s disciples, Zedar, (a traitor to the Light), used a totally innocent child to steal the Orb.

That nameless child was named by Garion and his family and friends “Errand.”

Polgara raised him, and eventually more zany hijinx went down. While they were on a quest to rescue Garion’s son, the little boy was renamed to Eriond by UL himself—and he discovered his own intended role in the universe. The final Child of Light, when Cyradis made the final Choice and the Dark Purpose was permanently destroyed, Eriond became the last of the Gods, as he’d been intended to be. He’s the only one to have had a pseudo-human childhood that we know of, and he’s definitely the baby of the family of Gods.

Having grown up among humans has left him with a distinctly closer relationship with them than his brothers in certain ways. He knows how to think a little like them and felt almost totally like one for quite some time—an experience none of the others had. (Almost totally like. Never… quite.)

These days he’s a young God with nearly limitless power and a whole world to gradually become sole caretaker for. Considering how many other Gods there are, and how deeply entrenched their worship is, it’ll take a while for him to get even beyond the Angaraks—and that’ll take long enough, replacing the worship of Torak. He’s already just hand-wave-ended the sacrifices and changed all the temples, but it’ll take more work than that.

He also has an equine friend--not really a pet. His name is Horse. Horse has an ability to fold space and time and pulls a kind of teleport; he passes through another dimension, so it's basically a tesseract.

Powers note: In the Belgariad/Mallorean, there is the Will and the Word, willpower released by a word, although it does seem some can be done without speaking, so potentially the word only needs to be mental for the truly powerful. Being a God, and an immensely powerful one even by their vague standards, Eriond's got a pretty untouchable Will. He's close to omnipotent and can be close to omniscient if he chooses, and is generally indestructible. I will absolutely ask for permission for things, because literal godmodding is a concern for things, but this is the blanket note that this is who and what he is and what his limits--or frequent lack-there-of--look like.

Player contact via Gmail/AIM: fractaldawn

[Eriond is from David Eddings' Belgariad/Mallorean cycle, and is the property of name of David Eddings. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.]
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